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The OurStory Project We are excited to announce Scenic City Shakespeare’s first playwriting challenge, The OurStory Project! During this global pandemic we asked ourselves how we can continue our mission to engage and inspire through theatre. 400 years ago Shakespeare himself spent his time in quarantine writing. The OurStory Project challenges writers of all levels to continue this tradition.
1.) “Tradition & Innovation” - Full Length History Plays Selected plays will reflect our collective history, celebrate our diverse traditions, & explore the influence of “The Information Age”. Submission Deadline is 11:59pm December 31, 2020 Playwrights whose full-length plays have been selected will be contacted no later than March 1st 2021.
All submissions will be judged by a nation-wide panel of Directors & Educators.
CONTEST RULES Entry Fee: Submission is free but we ask that if you have the means you consider contributing to Scenic City Shakespeare or one of the organizations found at Participation is open to all ages. One entry per person per category. By submitting an entry/entries, the playwright is granting permission to Scenic City Shakespeare to stage their entry as part of an evening of performances OR as a staged production if chosen. Submission grants Scenic City Shakespeare permission to broadcast live or recorded versions of the script for a time not to exceed 2 years and to be used in part as marketing for future OurStory Projects in perpetuity. The entry should be an original unpublished play. It can, however, have been performed before, but we prefer brand new works. Plays may also be adaptations of classic writing, so long as the original writing is in the public domain and the script is relevant to any prompts provided as part of the Project. Entries may be either:  Ten-Minute Play: Submit an original play that, when performed, is roughly ten minutes in length. Up to 10 winners may be chosen. Winners will be produced as part of the event Self-isolated Shakespeare : Halloween @ Home. The prize for winning is the production of the submitted work; there is no monetary prize. Original Full-Length Play: Submit an original play of any length. Only one winner will be chosen. The winner will be workshopped as a Remote Theatre production and presented via livestream. Scenic City Shakespeare will reserve the right to produce the winner as a fully staged play when it is deemed safe to congregate. The prize for winning is the production of the submitted work; there is no monetary prize. Please type your entry in a reasonable font and include stage directions where necessary. Please submit a .pdf of your entry so that all formatting will remain intact and no edits can be accidentally made while your submission is being reviewed. All Entries are welcome, but please note that preference will be given to those that would be appropriate for most audiences.  Any entries deemed to contain hate speech against any marginalized group will be rejected and destroyed. Entries must be received by the deadline to be considered. All entries are final, but playwrights will have the opportunity for feedback and revision between selection as a winner and performance. Entries will be considered by a panel of judges. The winners will be notified by email and announced publicly.
SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS If possible, please submit using the Google Form below. If you do not have a GMail account, or have trouble using the online form, you may submit your entry directly by emailing the following to [email protected]
If emailing your submission please include the following.
Your Name: Your Email: What is the title of your work? Is it a ten-minute play or a full-length play? Please Attach your file as a .PDF